موسسه اسم اعظم | بزرگترین و معتبرترین فروشگاه ادعیه مستند حرز امام جواد (علیه السلام)

Miracles seen from Imam Javad’s Imam (AS)

Hello Slave and the whole family of miracles from Amir Javad (AS)
With all of this, we feel we’ve got our whole family embarrassed, and I’m talking about a miracle a few days ago.
My mother’s eyes were very weak and I did not care to go one by one to talk. Doctor’s eyes were a doctor. There was no correction from the medical and the eye. No harm. And it was a day for the doctor to go and see your doctorate. Telling tomorrow, the eyes should act if we leave after the holidays. It’s dangerous to say it elsewhere, and all the confirmation of my mother’s number was 8. And if they do not find out for a few more days, they will not miss their eyes and the black water will catch their eyes. Only I can say that we had a great miracle if we did not get it. It was not clear what was happening to us. I really do not know what to say, and how from God and the guidance of Imam Jawad ) And this beautiful channel of Imam Jawad (AS), I can thank you that I said one of my friends.
Anyone with friends who are interested in looking for a prayerful vermeel. Arzamam Javad (AS) tells the lady the miraculous miracle.

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